Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kristina Kasiyan as Kim Kardashian's Stand in!

I was casted to work as Kim Kardashian's Stand In for Sear's Kardashian Kollection Ad Campaign. A stand-in is, (a person who serves as a substitute for a film or television actor or actress as while lights and cameras are being adjusted.) I have never done stand in work for print, so I didn't know what to expect. The whole day I was placed in various modeling positions that the photographer had envisioned. It was a very cool experience because I got to watch how a professional photoshoot took place. I have been to many photoshoots, but this was HUGE! They built custom stages for each different look and had over 10 people working on one shot. Also, I was honored to work with Annie Leibovitz, the photographer for the ad campaign. She was very nice and professional and knew exactly what she wanted. I also got to meet Kim Kardashian, and she was as beautiful in person as on TV!! Here are some photos I took during the two day shoot.

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