Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2009

This was a side of Rihanna I have not seen before. Grown up, wild, and FREE. I enjoyed most of the songs on this album, but I cannot say I remember them all. My favorites would be Rude Boy, G4L, So Hard, and Russian Roulette.

I picked this album up randomly, and was in shock of how good it was! Kid Cudi helped write 5 songs on one of my favorite albums of 08 Kanyes 808 and Heartbreak, so that same style showed up throughout this album also. Some of my favorite songs on this album include, Heart of a lion, My world, and Hyer.

This was definitely NOT my favorite 50 cent album, however for 2009 it made my list. The songs were solid, and his flow seemed hard. 50 doesn't have that hunger he once did, and it showed in some songs throughout this album. My favorite tracks were, Psycho, So Disrespectful, Okay, You're right and Hold Me Down.


Like 50 cent, Eminem also disappointed me with his album. However, as a die hard Eminem fan, I still LOVE HIM!!!! Honestly, I can only remember one song on this album that I had on repeat for awhile! It being, Stay Wide Awake, which has the sickest beat and Em really goes hard on the lyrics. Also, Beautiful was another track I liked! I cannot stand crack a bottle type of songs from him.

With all the controversy surrounding Rick Ross, all I gotta say is, he has NEVER disappointed me with his albums! The beats are sick, his delivery and story telling is one of a kind, and he always brings on some hot features. I can always say, that I like EVERY song on this album. Getting Face, Yaht Club, Lay Back, and Mafia Music are my favorite!

5. Slaughterhouse- Slaughterhouse

When I first heard this album, I said to myself WOW this is one of the BEST albums from a "group" I have ever heard! I listened to it everyday over and over! I would gladly make this album the best rap album of 09! However, I have 4 more slots to fill, and I stuck this album at 5. Crooked I was my fav from this 4som, and my favorite songs include, Pray, and Sound off. I think what made this album so powerful and outstanding to me is, the hunger and drive in their flows, the REALness in their storytelling and just the overall delivery. I LOVE IT!!!

4. Lady Gaga-The Fame Monster

Yes, I am a little odd to place Lady Gaga in a primarily rap induced list, but I cannot lie, Lady Gaga puts me in the happiest mood! I want to dance every time I hear any of her songs ! I have been listening to this album nonstop and I am in love with every song. She has such a crazy and unique aura around her, that puts me in a great mood. Music is supposed to touch your inner soul and she does :) Ra Ra oh LA LA , ga ga , oh la la!

3. Jay Z- Blue Print 3

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This album I am surprised at MYSELF for loving as much as I do. I honestly never got into listening to Jay Z, I actually don't have any of his previous albums. Yes, I am aware of all his hits, but it was whatever to me. However, after a friend introduced this album to me, I could not stop listening to it! Run this town is hands down one of the best songs of 09!!! Forever Young is another classic and the best part is, I got to listen to all these songs LIVE at his concert this year :)

2. Fabolous- Loso's Way

In the RAP category, I'd say Slaughterhouse and Loso's way would be competing for the number one spot. BUTTT, my list consists of not only rap, so that is why these two albums are not back to back. I think Fabo went all out on this album, EVERY song was a banger! Throw it in the bag with the dream is a classic! Losos story telling skills really allowed me to visualize and feel like i am part of everything is he is saying. I could envision most of his lyrics and just vibe to other deeper and meaningful songs. LOVE ITTTTT

Annnnnd the number ONE album of 09 according to ME, is the DREAM~ Love vs Money!!! WOW WOW and WOW !!! The Dream is the MOST talented UNDERRATED singer ! I think the only song I heard on the radio from this album was Walking on The Moon, but but but he has soooooooooooo many other BANGERS!! From beginning to end! Why I made this album my favorite of 09 is because I looked back on all the albums above and thought about, when I am flipping through my ipod, which song(s) catch my attention EVERYTIME and I want to listen too EVERYtime? answer was.. THE DREAM!! " oooo I'm in love with uuuu baby, and I want you to knowww, that I'm hooked on your bodyyy!! " BEST BEST of the BEST of 09 :) :)

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